Always a Rhythm

"I paint lyrical abstractions. My expressionistic works are divorce of imagery; thereby, liberating colors, lines and forms through movement coming alive and interacting with the viewer."

                                                                     -- Liz

Portfolio Overview


Staccato, painting, mixed media on paper, blue, black, yellow, red, white, Elizabeth Schafer.

Follow the rhythm; immerse yourself in the visual sound and it can transport you anywhere.

Jazz Fusion

painting, abstract, collage, mixed media, black, pink, red, green, Elizabeth Schafer

Fusing rhythms with collage and multimedia elements through color and shapes.

Musical Imagery

painting, abstract, mixed media, collage, red, yellow, burgundy, black, music, Elizabeth Schafer

Exploring musical atmosphere; often its about the space in between the notes played.


expressionistic, painting, abstract, paper, neutral, peach, black, grey, rhythm, Elizabeth Schafer

Exploring the rhythms of life by capturing the seasons and its elements of birth, growth, transition, and dormancy.


improvisation, charcoal, graphite, conte on paper, black, brown, rust, painting, Elizabeth Schafer

Created in the moment; a visual expression of music and spiritually.


painting, wire, canvas, black, white, Elizabeth Schafer, movement, synergy

Paintings inspired from the energy exchange between two people.


painting, abstract, monoprint, mixed media, blue, grey, white, dance, rhythm, Elizabeth Schafer

Rhythms of dance and movement.


Abstract, painting, impulse, black, rust, blue, brown, white, Elizabeth Schafer

A juxtaposition between colorful dynamic impulses energizing a calm negative space. 


Ocean, waves, rhythms, water, blue, turquoise, white, tides, expressionistic, Elizabeth Schafer

An exploration into ocean rhythms  where water is life, purifying, reviving, mysterious, compelling, and dangerous.

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