Performance Paining, charcoal, gesso, paper, abstract, expressionistic, Elizabeth Schafer

Freedom of Expression

I often draw and paint while standing, allowing myself to dance across the canvas and express ideas more freely and physically. "Its a fluid process and of the moment."

"Life rarely moves in the direction we expect. But when we step back to reflect, we see a beautiful, twisted array of patterns, movements, and colors."

                                          --  Liz



Rooted in Rhythms

 I remember as child the joy and freedom I felt creating art.   My first memories of art began at the age of 4, I recall how delightful finger paint oozing up through my fingers felt; cold and gelatinous with a colorful mound of pigment. I was enthralled with my marks and the rhythms left on the paper.  I was hooked!

But it wasn't until my 20's that I began a self-paced study of art without realizing where it would take me. I've always followed my instincts, even if they’ve forced me to change mid-stream. 

My works are an accumulation of understanding interactions over time, ever growing and progressing forward. I am amazed and humbled at where my journey has brought me, and with bittersweet memories always remembering where I’ve been. 

Artistic Influences

Wassily Kandinsky - a master, the German Expressionistic painter who first painted music...Brilliant artist!

Alexander Calder - a master of playfulness and movement.

Frank Stella - I'm driven to the texture and pattern and his out of the box thinking.

Henri Matisse - a master of color and shapes.


"It's the challenge of how you paint what you feel and hear that I choose to explore; a deep dive into the unknown -- how to paint an image that dances, that evokes emotions and conveys a message;  moving through the mind and stimulating the soul."

                                                                 -- Liz


When I knew art was my path, I wanted to paint my 

I've spent hundreds of hours sketching at concerts and in live music clubs, photographing instruments, speaking with musicians, researching music history and dissecting how to visually paint sound. I've spent thousands of hours in the studio sketching, painting, exploring different aspects of music, tone, rhythm, harmony, and melodies, 

I am known to rock the studio into the late hours absorbed in the moment of music.

Often asked if I have synesthesia, the ability to see colors with sound -- I do.

Music and Life

I paint music, visually recording the sound through the movement, line and color.  I have been on this harmonious journey for over 29 years. My explorations have evolved through various genres and approaches to music.

"Have you listened to any great art lately?"

What is my favorite music or musician?

The list is long and transgresses over the many genres of music and the history of music.  If I have to pick one I'd have to say its what I'm inspired by at the moment.  And as I work on series, I only listen to what inspires the works.


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