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There's much to explore in my studio. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Art by Liz. The studio is always a bit messy; I hope you don't mind. 

                                                                   -- Liz

Behind the Canvas


Why do I Create?

"I have been given the gift of creativity which is as much a part of me as my soul and just as abstract to explain. I paint because I must, and realize that if I do not use my gift for the greater good, I am a lesser person."

                                                                    -- Liz

Medium and Technique

I paint improvisations, spontaneous gestures, in acrylic paint, drawing media, collage and multimedia. It's a style I've developed over the years of studying sounds and movement.


My works focus on mark making and rhythmic movements  drawing the viewer in and moving their eyes in a dance throughout the work; colors and textures interweave and reinforce the energy and composition.

The marks are created by hand-made or found tools such as combs, brushes, drywall taping knives, putty and bondo knives, paint brushes, rollers, sticks; basically anything that can make a mark, sponges. 

Depending on the genre of music will determine my color palette, marks and process.

How do I paint rhythms?

Painting rhythms has been a focused study for over 3 decades. My mind is constantly filled with imagery as I listen to music, enjoying the energy and rhythms. My love of music is expressed as the pure joy of sound, through dynamic textures, line, shape and color, advancing and receding interweaving to form compositions on canvas. Relaying the pure love for life, these abstractions address that movement with a daring and dramatic flair. Each piece is in the truest sense an improvisation, allowing the art to progress extemporaneously on its own — taking shape and coming alive filled with energy. 

When I begin painting, I focus on the audible feeling, and like a composer or musician, I orchestrate my composition. Shapes create the melody, and negative space is utilized as the cadence that gives pause or resting place for the eyes. Lines create the tempo providing movement while color provides the harmony throughout the piece. The musical range or mood is shown with color choices from bold and dynamic to moody and melancholy. The energy is reinforced by the lively rhythms used throughout the works. Each layer of paint is a plane and each sound is a plane. Texture is representative of the various instruments and vocals blending together in union with each other. By applying layers of acrylic, oils, and collage materials, I build areas of transparency and opacity; effectively representing music’s fluidity, harmony, tonality, and transparency.

Throughout my exploration I have found that as styles of music and musician(s) differ in their deliveries, so do their effect on my choices of color, stroke, line, shape and rhythm of the painting. By applying layers of acrylic, oils, and collage materials, I build areas of transparency and opacity; effectively representing music’s fluidity, harmony, tonality, and transparency.

Over the years my images have become more abstract reflecting the complexity of the image, realizing that it’s not just the subject but also, it’s essence that relays the message. 

How do I want my audience to respond to my work?

With a childlike curiosity; contemplating life, their paths, and their choices. Hopefully evolutionary with each viewing as more of a story is revealed. 

Artists I've worked with...

Its been an honor and a pleasure o work with:

  • Fritz Van Eeden
  • Moe Brooker
  • Hugh Williams
  • Steve Lowery
  • and various visiting artists to the Mississippi Art Colony

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