Renaissance Woman

I have always loved art,  but I also love science and math; and throughout my life I have pursued all of them. I find each discipline adds to the understanding of the others.  Add in my pursuit of knowledge and the love and wonder of life; I consider myself a modern renaissance woman. Balance guides me as I ride the rhythms of life and pursue a dual-hatted career. My paintings are abstract artworks and focus on the rhythms of music.

Medium and Techniques

As an expressionist in art and life, my paintings are what I hear, what I feel and what I experience; they are abstract artworks.  My bold and dynamic works focus on mark making and rhythmic shapes and lines.


Life is a series of rhythms, sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant, and for nearly 3 decades I have been inspired by and exploring music. Initially I focused on instruments, then moved to sound, and more recently the rhythms of life.


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